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Four More Years Can Be a Lifetime

Thanks Honjii Harangues.

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I’m Voting Republican

There are many factual points and reasons as to why anyone would want to vote Republican.

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Obama on Jimmy Kimmel Live

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John McCain “And with that said!”

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He is hysterical…

He’s my joke for today…

Drink up everybody…

Before John McCain takes it all away!

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OH YEAH… One Last Thought….

Vote Obama For President 2008 – We’ll Celebrate with a cold one!


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Red Alert! Fist Bumps and Terrorists, Beware!

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An Internet search for terms “fist bump,” “pound,” “dap,” and “bumping fists” has revealed images of numerous athletes, celebrities, and politicians performing the same social gesticulation. Does Fox think any of the following might be terrorists?

Jealousy is so unattractive!

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Obama wins: Newspaper Frontpages around The World (video)


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Did You Know that Bush and McCain Were Cousins

President Bush fundraised for John McCain this week. But McCain didn’t want the press to take photographs of him with Bush. Moveon.org’s TV ad is making sure voters see the two men stand together.

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It’s not your average political ad—it’s funny, quirky and light-hearted. It’s been getting tons of press coverage—including the Washington Post, MSNBC and the Associated Press—and really great reviews.

This ad is just one piece of our big Bush-McCain Challenge campaign. Already, over half a million people have taken the challenge quiz online.

And on Wednesday, thousands of MoveOn members gathered on street corners from New Jersey to New Mexico to take the Bush-McCain challenge to voters. The coverage in local papers is rolling in from around the country, and we got a bunch of great eyewitness reports, too—Donald from New Hampshire told us it was amazing and the best part was; “talking with several Republicans and Independents and then seeing the look of SHOCK register on their face when they were wrong, and learned about McCain’s REAL views on these issues!”


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